the special person.

I've been busy with my college stuff for few weeks.
New semester had started. And this is my second year of diploma.
New sem is always fresh & challenging.

When you realize that your life doesnt goes well, maybe is not a bad things. It could be is time for us to be more flexible.

Well, my life definitely did not goes smoothly. There are so many obstacles tried to stop me. I always be positive, but somehow I'm feeling tired and getting vulnerable.

Friendship, relationship, family, studies...

What is friendship?

Friendship is about two person come to share, always be there for each other, no matter when or where, sacrificing, giving.. It is about unconditional love for the person. The friend you can count on is a gift and blessing.

Each of us definitely have lots of friends. But have you actually counted how many of them could leave you the memorable footprints? Who is the one could be the lasts and forever?

People tend to take friendship for granted. Someone who is always care about us, maybe they love you more than they love themselves. Do you think close friend is forever? Without putting effort to build or grow the relationship, sooner or later the relationship is broken and fragile.

We always searching for the perfect person. But we forget to create the perfect relationship, the perfect love. Today beauty catch your eyes, you hoping so much to know the person. You thought you've found the right person. How about after 10 years? The used to be an eternal & everlasting love is it still there for you? Or you had missed it. While we are looking for the perfect one, we forget to appreaciate & ignore the relationship that used be a gift or blessing.

This is the truth.

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