Under DMC, We Unite!

Here we go! Our FINAL EXHIBITION at Inti College Subang Jaya. This time, we not just an excellent students, we are also good citizens of 1Malaysia! 

My team came out with a campaign called Colour-Blind Community. That's right! Colour-blind! Say no to skin colours discrimination, be part of us! =)

Date: 4th August 2010

Our self-made booklet to represent our campaign. it's FOC^^
If you've grab yours, you're so so lucky because we only made 50 copies during that day.

        Our campaign logo in support with 1Malaysia.

 Our backdrop was simple yet it looked grand like "Grammy's Award" *winks*

many thanks to all our juniors that came and supported us!

my beautiful team mates^^

 I think this picture is cute =P

my dear classmates came out with different of creative idea to support 1Malaysia as well.

Our booth was packed with crowds to 'like' Colour-Blind facebook page =)

It's a WRAP!!!

It's time to pamper ourselves at Sushi Zanmai =)

Indeed, it was a great experience for all of us! Even Astro came to be part of us to support 1Malaysia. 
It was a successful exhibition done by DMC (Sem7).


  1. Wow!! Impressive! you all had done a great job! Beautiful pictures! Proud of you sis :)

  2. Woo Hoo! I wished I had a booklet...it's so pretty! Congrats sis, your team & class mates for a wonderful job done! I am sincerely very touched by the 1 M'sia msg you guys brought through...

  3. I agree with all Jac n Xuan said! Your project looks really pro!! well done =) any e-booklets? Would love to see it...