what happen during mid-sem break? part 2 - historical trip.

spent a great time on my one day trip with my family at Malacca, the historical city :) Had a lot of food and hot sun. the sun in Malacca is crazy like a oven. 

milo-ice cream was so yummy that i couldnt resist at all...  

三叔公 is like the hottest place in malacca. crowded like OMG! they famous in durian cendol which i hate the most @_@ but the original flavour cendol was real good! the whole place was freaking packed, no seat, no place.. arghhh.. and i almost fight with an old couple who doesnt give a shit to leave their seat though they already finish eating their cendol. i was standing beside them, but they still ignore me and continue to rest their stupid ass! 

okay! this is AWESOME! my family is born as crab family, we love crab to the max and this restaurant! O-M-G! we can't missed it everytime we came here! i ate their crab since i was little, imagine how old is this restaurant but they're still awesome! KL's crab really sucks!

wuuuu~ this is ART! the orang utan house? LOL

Sigh. I wish i can photoshop that women off my camera shot who was texting and sitting in front the JONKER STREET board. what the hell she sat there? and the yellow short pants dude! what're you looking? pretty girl? 

Here are the classic and epic decoration at this place. so cute and antique! i felt like i back to the Ching-Dynasty. well, basically they also sell alot of malacca's native food, such as durian jam (ewww, my parent loveeeee this!), coffee, nuts and junk food etc. 

i was so sick after back from malacca, thanks to the hot and cold weather. i guess our mother earth was too excited about EARTH DAY! 

p/s: quality time with family is always precious :)

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