ChromeHeart Wrap... For now...

ChromeHeart! Two months of practices and rehearsals had came to live on stage at CHC KL :) I would say this is one of the biggest Christmas production in Malaysia, so proud of myself being part of it! I was chosen to act as one of the vampires (The fallen Quamoros warriors). *ThisIsSoMe* ChromeHeart is a fantasy combination of Lord Of The Ring/Underworld! How cool is my church isn't it! :D 

Some awesome shot by all the awesome photographers! 

Quamoros Beast - my new family. Love all the cast, we were totally into the characters! beyond evil-blood sucker-crazy-immortals!

Our make up were EXTREME! I was transformed into another person for three days T_T #toughestmoment is remove inches of my make up! 

It's a WRAP! Gonna miss everything about ChromeHeart - the latenight practices everyday... crazy yet professional cast and crew... pastor's screaming at us... our evil laugh... superb vampy choreograph... 'fighting scenes'... so much we been through :') 

See you guys in Part 2, hopefully :)

I'm blessed, indeed, all glory to God :) 

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