A Merry Christmas #1

Christmas is filled with love and blessing :) 

To be able to give is an honor, to be able to receive is a blessing :) Christmas is a beautiful season to be remembered and celebrate not based on culture, but an important person name Jesus. 

This year is kinda simple celebration, after Chrome Heart, I finally had the time to settle down and plan ahead WHAT'S NEXT?! I still have a loooooooong semester break til March, so? I go to work! Thank God for new part time job :)

I had Christmas party with my beloved cg, my members did an awesome job on hosting the party :) with this look for This Mass Bash 2.6, I won "Who's got the look"! :D which means I won the best dress! TEEHEE!

Christmas carol, led by my babe Yvonne <3 can you spot me? 

Epic sign of E26


my cg is so awesome, love all of them to max! I will update my church activity in the next post ;)

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