First Sprocket!

Eversince I joined Photo Crafts, I'm slowly blending myself into analogue world. #rewind 

Remember back then how we used to use film to take photo? We snap blindly and wait for the film developed... Sometimes, we can't even see our head in our photo! I never learn to appreciate the art of analogue until I became part of it. Digital camera is not so much about skill, but analogue is different, it takes creativity and good hands to take a good photograph. This is my first attempt using Sprocket Rocket Camera with X pro 200 film. 

The photo turn out way better than I expected! YEAY! Gotta keep trying more camera and other films, fun but there goes my money! >.< These photos are original, NO PHOTOSHOP AT ALL...

I'm so into retro & vintage lately. 70's... 80's... cute and complicated ;)


  1. Great photos. I wish my diana f+ photos turn as good as yours. I need a scanner as it is getting expensive for me. :P

  2. Dear Miss A, thanks :) keep explore and have fun with your Diana F+ ;) I tried Diana F+ before, a bit challenging for me compare with Sprocket Rocket but Diana is a good camera to practice analogue photography! :D