planner with dreams.

After collected my 15 beverages with my Starbucks Card, got my 2012 Starbucks Planner at last! I know this sounds crazy, I wasn't had the intention to collect though, but slowly I drink and collect almost 15, why not continue to collect til the bonus reward right? Yes, I know there goes my money, again... Sigh... Anyway, I love this planner, pretty simple and vintage, but the content is really heart-felt :') It kinda gives some hope, love and inspiration... is not always about coffee you know... 

The coffee is not just a drink for me, the coffee smell gives me hope and peace... the coffeehouse gives me a sense of home. I don't know... I love to hang out at coffeehouse, unfortunately, Starbucks no longer have the peaceful ambience, too much of noisy customers (JustLikeOldTown). #spoilt

My own coffeehouse.. my dream... soon soon I believe :)

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