go ash.

after being a redhead for quite sometimes, i decided to change something different for my hair. redhead is awesome but it fades after two weeks colouring. how sad =( guess only celebrity could owns a super hot redhead to touch up every 2 weeks huh? someone recommended me a salon at Kota Damansara, no doubt, this is one of the best salon i ever experienced. my hair never get satisfying colouring result in the past few years, even when i keep changing my hair stylist, trying different hair salon. at last, i found you, the master of HAIR! 

Ash blonde, green tone mixed light brown/blonde, pretty awesome!

and yes, the truth is i had to bleach my hair. dang! i just killed my hair's cuticle layers. the whole coloring proceed took 4hours plus, my ass was in pain... 

some fun stuff i've been obsessed with my hair! stay tuned!


  1. OMG love your last pic, must teach me how to do it <3

  2. Wow! Your hair colour is really lovely! And I agree with Nath, your hairdo in the last pic is really pretty! Mind telling us how you did it? :)

  3. @Nath:
    thanks dear... sure thing! will share with you guys how i done my hairdo :) stay tune ya!

    @Laura Leia:
    thank you dear :) i love this colour too but it seems fading pretty fast too :( yeap! will share the tutorial soon! stay tuned aite! xoxo :)