Ain't a blondie at the moment

My ash blonde hair has been faded to dirty blonde, and the ugly regrowth hair roots was so disturbing =( i have natural super dark hair, being a blondie was really a high maintanence to touch up the roots. After 5months since I dyed my hair to ash blonde in Feb, finally I can change my hair colour again because I got my salary! =D 

Here we go again, a redhead Lash :) I love it but *finger cross* that my redhead could last at least one month. I had bad experienced as redhead previously, after 2weeks, colour is GONE T_T 

So far, I received good feedback on my redhead. Some said I look like vampire -_- some said I look like mermaid Ariel (haha!), and some said I look like the princess from Brave except I don't hava curly hair... Hmmm.. I have too much identity =P Thank guys!

Personally, I love playing with colours and yeah! I play with my hair colours. Some of you may ask:"Won't you spoil your hair?" If I tell you it won't, will you believe? The truth is whatever chemical styling/treatment you've done on your hair, it will cause certain damage, it is up to us to maintain our hair or not. If you can't afford treatment at hair saloon, then invest on better hair care product. If you keen to do something bold, just do it! Like NIKE's tagline! You only live once, what are you afraid of? How worse can your hair be just because you want your hair to stay so called original, healthier, or black? -_- There is nothing wrong to have the desire to change! Change is good =) Don't be afraid and try something new. Don't be a pathetic just because you cannot accept others' differences and obsessed about yourself staying "original". Original does not defined as boring, original is creativity. 

Just do it =)

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