What is #OFFLINE to me?

If you have seen my latest shortfilm #OFFLINE, thank you so much for your support and encouragement :') And if you haven't, you can watch now =)

When I was trying to squeeze my brain juice to write a new script for this Valentine's Day, my first draft was actually a cheeky love story. But then, a new inspiration just hit me with a message that I must tell to the people, especially today's generation. 

The good news of our world is high technology that allowed us to stay connected and conveniently accessible at anytime, anywhere and with anyone. The question is are we really connecting with the people around us? Or are we just connected with the gadget? Smartphone, tablets and any gadgets are the medium that led us to iDisorder. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a saint that never use any smartphone, or old school to the extent of quitting Facebook. I love my iPhone4 ever since I bought it 2 years back, and I got to admit I'm stuck with Social Network, just like you. 

But one day I just woke up and realize how bad is the problem today; While we having a meal with friends & family, everyone is looking at their phone, instead of spending time with each other by meeting up.. 

And that's how I decided to make a short film on this issue, I just want to share a simple message for us to just think and reflect ourselves. Are we really connected based online? 

In the process of making this film come true, I've learnt a lot too. We just need to remind ourselves to appreciate people around us by thinking of this is going to be the last time we meet, so, make your moment counts =) And we help each other to be a better person, a better world.

I am grateful to be able to film my film at Coffee Societe, you gotta pay a visit to this awesome coffee place =)

Thank God for #OFFLINE, we have over 6,000 of views within 10 days and Whaley Productions received over 100 of subscibers too!  *POP CHAMPAGNE*

I'm thankful and blessed with awesome team with me! Despite I'm done my part as producer, director, and editor, but without all my friends who always support me. This shortfilm will not make it through, and I'm super touched by how you guys put effort to shared with everyone to get people to watch it!

THANK YOU! I promise I will make more film to inspire people :')


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