POCO Homemade

Oh finally I found this place in Bangsar! POCO HOMEMADE =) This place is located in a housing area, so hidden that you won't even notice! But, I found it! I fell in love with this place the moment I step in, feels like home. One day... I can't wait to build my own cafe :')

Their menu more on desserts than food, but everything looks so special because is their own homemade recipes.

I personally love this side of wall.

Okay, let's talk about food! This rice is really awesome, taste like home cooked food, healthy and satisfying. It is really simple, I can roughly guess what are the ingredients ;)

Green tea soya :)

Tofu Cake

Introducing my friend, talented artist plus cheerleader!

Eunice! Miss her lots :'(

1, Lorong Kurau, 58100, Bangsar, KL.

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