Super Overdue Birthday Posting :')

I'm sorry for being MIA for the past two months. Thank you for all my friends still following my blog faithfully and always reminds me to update :') Forgive my procrastination!

Anyways, I cannot missed sharing about my birthday post, 911. The September 11. This year had rather simple birthday celebration. Most of my good friends are away in different places :( But, I'm still thankful for those who made an effort to make me smile =)

I had two crazy people shouted my name outside my house at 12am just to surprise me. Brian Tan even climbed over my gate, OMG. Now I wonder how's my security guard been doing? Still, super touched by my BFF Yvonne for the effort!

My lovely colleagues celebrated my birthday =') We had dinner at my favourite place, Fat Spoon!

I had our first SS (StrictSteps) DM meeting on my birthday, Shirley preached a strong message and and Mama Pearl shared her vision for SS, then.. Ta Da! They surprised me with a cake! 

All the lovely pressie and handmade gift! Received a Pink Pokeball! A wireless speaker, I can blast music everywhere I go! And all the handmade/personalized gifts are so sweet =) 

Thank you Ryan, Nicole, Adele, Daniel, Shenesse, Lynn <3

Oh! And my lovely D9 CG! Plus Jolene =)

Besides all that, I am very touched to receive messages from everyone of you. I love reading letters or messages especially those who put in their complete thoughts. Thank you everyone :) LiHui whaley love you!

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