Bacon Chin Day

Last night 23 August 2014, we surprised our dearest brother, Brandon Bacon Chin's birthday! Why bacon? Simply because he loves bacon (almost obsessed). I love birthday, to me, birthday is a big thing. I appreciate people to put effort in planning, organising, gifting for someone's birthday, to show how thankful we are to know the person in our life. Birthday is significant because it is a celebration of our existence in this life as human, God made us uniquely as an individual, we should celebrate why we were born!

Gift presentation time! 

He finally gets a new phone! Say hello to Mi3 :)

And look at the perfect combo of Belgium Chocolate Ice Cream with Candied Bacon Bits! He was on cloud nine! I hope you like the candied bacon by MamaWhaley :D

Dear Brandon, Happy Birthday to you! You are one of my close friend that God used to speak to me regardless of my vision and dream, encouragement and even your action has been proven you are the man of your word. I am inspired to be more like you in terms of serving in the House of God, always carry the spirit of volunteerism. I wish you more bacon for u! ;) 

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