A mark in my life.

I haven't make a time to blog about my journey in ChromeHeart Origins, which is the 3rd instalment of Chromeheart Production by my church CHCKL. If you have been following my blog, you seen me involved in the first and second back in 2-3 years ago. Our church had a long break since the second instalment back in April 2012. It was still one of the best time in my life during Chromeheart Revelation. 

After 2 years and a half, the last instalment recruitment is back, and knowing me has been growing up as working adult. I thought I just skipped this time, no-time-for-this that kinda thing was running in my head. I gave myself hundred of excuses "Why I shouldn't join Chromeheart 3?". To cut the grandmother story short, somehow I am in as I am part of the ministry and I did not continue to invalid myself to participate because I realise may be is God's will. I intent to skip the recruitment, but somehow I am in. I guess God made it clear.

So here comes the routine of dance practices and late night rehearsal. Funny as this sounded, I felt so left out this time. 90% of the cast are new, to the extend I do not know who they are at all. They are new members in church, fresh blood indeed. I thought I am gonna be just #ForeverAlone you know. The only group of friends that I am familiar are the dance ministry people. Well, thank God for them! 

Okay, practices, practices and more practices. Let's fast forward to the real day of the show because that was what I hope for everyday. I can't wait for this to over because I am exhausted everyday. One thing I really thank God for is my cell leader, who always surprised me for some sweet treats to cheer  us up during rehearsal :')

Not until the actual show, you will not feel the heat and excitement. In my past experience in Chromeheart, I always played the evil role on stage, and ugly. This time, finally, I can look pretty :') We have colourful dress to wear too!

On the last day finale show, we had curtain call, and when Pastor Kevin called out all the old cast & crew who wasn't involve this time. I saw many familiar faces, at the moment, memories flash back with these old friends that we used to practices together. We laughed, even injured together, I remembered all those good times we had. And I can't believe I wanted to cry because I know Chromeheart just officially over.

3 years of my journey in Chromeheart had taught me so many things in life, I am glad I did not quit this time and finished this race with a blast. I cried like a baby on stage after is ended, hugging everyone and said "well done" :)

Here I am, want to thank everyone who has been part of this journey, together with me. 

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