Havent been update my blog for some time.

Perhaps I just dont feel like doing it. I dont want to feel it, or I dont want to know it anymore.

I've been getting very busy with my church Easter services and my Final Exams. Easter service was awesome! We hit our attendance target with more than 3000 peoples. But I was disappointed with all my friends that couldnt make it to my church. *sigh

Anyway, I've been fighting with all the papers that I'm taking this semester- Communication Research, Advertising, Digital Image Editing, & Marketing. Just forget about Moral paper, it's just an alien subject! =)

Time passes very fast, my Semester 3 has come to the end. Finally finals is overrrrr. The result is still unknown, I did not hope for the best, but I did for my best!

I went for a trip in Penang during this semester break. Trying to spend some time with my coursemates to know more about each other. Penang trip is good, but tiring. I know myself is a sleeping princess. I've been sleepless for 2nights during this trip. Well, at least I get to hang out with them. I seldom hanging out with my coursemates eversince my first sem.

My semester break only have 2 weeks, and now my parent are having financial problem. Maybe I couldnt continue my study in INTI, maybe I can continue if there is a miracle, maybe...

Now started to look for any freelance job for future income. I shall concentrate on the facts of reality. No matter how emo I feel about him, life goes on. The reality is cruel if you do not have any single cent in your pocket.

I always believe in God that nothing I can worry about in my life. But the obstacles came simultaneously to me and makes me feel like giving up. I missed him yet I couldnt forget what he told me. I dont understand.

Right now I no longer feel anything. I do not want to care anymore. I just want to walk my life.

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