the joy.

I went to visit orphanage on Friday.
This was my first time visit an orphanage due to my moral project because my lecturer wants us to help the needy and be the part of our society.
I was really looking forward to this visitation to orphanage even though I'm not a kids lover xD

However, the process to visit an orphanage wasnt that easy. First we have to find an orphanage and wait for thier approval. Besides that, this project is very important as a group work, we cant do this individually, everyone have to work together to reach out to the needy. I've been keep praying for this because I really hope we can make it through. I felt that this project just like a mission of mine to do something for them, even just a very small thing could makes a difference.

When I walked in the orphanage which located at Kelana Jaya, I saw the kids are playing at thier playground. This orphanage doesnt seems very rich, the kids are all Indian from age 3 to 13 only. I wanted to talk to them but honestly I not good in handle kids but I tried =)

First we started ice-breaking game, but we must choose a kid as our "son" or "daughter" to bond with them, get to know them, play with them before the games started. Well, I found my "son" because he is the first kid I talked to. =) His name is Ajip (sorry, I dont know how to spell), he is 11 years old. He was quite shy, but I stepped out my comfort zone and talked to him. Slowly he started to play with me, his smile was so bright and melted my heart! Not only him, all the other kids are enjoyed playing games with us. Some of our members are quite good in handled the kids especially guys, haha! I should learn some skills from them. Everyone of us taking care in different area, some of them helped to clean thier home, some of us spent time with the kids and we also brought foods & gifts to them.

I wish I could help them beyond what we should do to done our moral project only. Our purpose is not only to get the higher marks from this project, we were here to reach out to the them. They are really need more clothes and education. They have no chance to go school like everyone of us, i heard the guardian of the home said they have teacher gives them tuitions only. I felt so sad when I know about it. This shows that how lucky we are and we can even continue our studies in college, in fact there are many people doesnt even bother to study hard and skipped class, wasting parents' money.

Eventhough we didnt really do much for them, but we hope can come to this orphanage again. Maybe do some paint job and gives them some new clothes. =) After I came back from orphanage, I realize that we must appreciate what we have. Those kids are lack of love especially from thier family. They need more love from us to receive the hope for thier lives. God want us to love people with compassion. We are gifted to be here to share the love with them. This is why our life meant for. I really felt so touched when I saw the joy on thier face. They have the brightest & warmest smile I ever seen. Thier heart is very pure, all they wished is just simple! They need our care.

The Gift of Light

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