trust myself.

I wonder why the time is alway passing very fast when you are growing up.
When we were still a little kid, we hope we can grow up soon, dreaming to achieve many many things especially me! I like to dream!

Time passes fast because I had started my internship about a month already. Well, internship is not that 'fun'. I think I put too much expectation before I went for internship. I have to admit I got a little bit disappointed because works are totally different what we did in college. My company is a media print and production house. They do a lot of design in company's logo, brochure, flyer etc. And I realize I know NOTHING in design's world!
All I know is just super basic in Photoshop. My design skill is so BAD compare with my colleagues. Sometimes I feel unmotivated doing the same thing everyday, get bored with all thesame routine. Suddenly I hate drawing. And I asked myself why? I thought I love design? I thought I love all things that creative? I dont know. Right now I losing my passion. =(
Today my boss talked to me. She said I'm considered quite weak among all her ex-interns. I have to admit I am! But I also explained to her. I cannot compare with them because they are design student, they studied designed as thier main course. I'm a mass comm. student. They might not know all the things I've learnt. Though my skill is not good enough, but I willing to learn. Dont judge me just because I came from INTI College, yes, I know those are from The One Academy, Lim Kok Wing, whatever famous college la. But hey! Dont judge me just because I'm only 19! I kept quiet all the time doesnt mean I'm stupid.

I do feel discouraged for a while. But is alright. I heard a voice spoke to me: Trust yourself. Isnt it amazing to hear a voice deeply and only He can understand my heart and what I want. I'm not perfect but I'm unique! =)

Wont give up until the end of my life.

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