soul is weak.

I try not to sound emo while blogging. I dont want to be emo either.
My life is not boring at all. And I enjoy everything I am doing. But why am I feeling depressed? Guess it was because of all the nightmares. I cant get rid of it. Those stupid dreams are killing me. It shows me all I've wanted for so long. And I would never get to that point. It is impossible.

But why am I feeling hurt? perhaps feeling miserable every morning I woken up with such nightmare. I have to rely on something that can give me a good sleep at night. No worries, I'm not taking drug. Every second, whenever things does not meet my expectation, I could felt myself going to explode. Anger? Impatient? Control freak?

I dont know. I feel like walk away.
I just want peace. Settle myself down. Talk to someone I wanna talk to.
Dont wanna think about anything at all.
How I wish I get one whole day just be my whole self, being expressive, being a little bit thoughtful, no worries, and sense the love.

p/s: I just need to talk.

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