What happen in March?

It's been a while since I updated my last blog during CNY. Everything was just too much recently.. SUFFOCATED! Hate all the pressures, dramas, emotional break down and blah blah blah...

Anyway, besides feeling emo. I'm still trying very hard to work for the best for myself, for my studies, for my team, for my family, for EVERYTHING! In another word, I was so busy that even worse than lembu =( Holding too much responsibilities definitely D.I.E! I've been through break down and I hate being burnt out! It felt like worse than dying. Okay..stop the emo! 

What I've done so far? 

1) Mass Communication Day
It was the first Mass Comm. Day being held with such big scale for the first time in INTI College Subang Jaya. My juniors really put a lot of efforts in this event. I was one of the committees that helped out a little bit. (: A big clap for them!

These are my poster designs for Mass Comm. Day 2010. I do feel proud of it and thanks to my team members that contributing ideas together with me because our design got chosen by Malaysia Today! Kinda cool isn't it? This semester literally is all about design!

2) RECONNECT Exhibition Day
This was one of our project that I eat, breathe, sleep for the last 2 months! It gave me nightmare, tears, joy, mad, cursed, excited and blah blah blah again.. Basically, I became psychotic because of this exhibition! No joke! This is the fact! Anyway, we made a big success! Though there were many unexpected problems came to us, we still made it through together. I really really appreciate all my friends especially my team members that 'tortured' by me emotionally, physically and mentally! =P I still love you guys..muacksssss!

3) Cell Leader Training
I learned a lot throughout this 1.5 month of training. We get to know more about pastor, and all the awesome leaders like Shirley, Keith, David, Abel and Felicia. I feel really blessed. Next week i gonna sit for my my first CLT paper 1, after the writing test, then is my first ever preaching test! AWESOME! Can't wait for that!

I just want to thank God for everything as He provided us so much despite with all the ups and downs. Because of all these challenges, I've learned and realized being a leader ain't easy! I'm still learning.. Sometimes, I do make mistakes.. ALOT of mistakes.. And I'm sorry.. 

Still, I'm not perfect. I would get angry. I would scold people for some reasons of course. I would get tired. What matters to me are very simple. I just want to be appreciated. I'm willing to do everything I could for others. And I don't think I deserve to be treated like an idiot. I want to be loved too. I like to listen my love ones tell me the two most simplest words - "Thank You, LiHui." "Love you, LiHui." Maybe, I just need a hug.. You don't have to tell me anything at all. A hug can simply pull me out from hell, and I feel save again. 

Am I demanding too much? Not at all. Because I'm a normal girl who needs people to love me, care about me sincerely.. 

p/s: I love Jesus. Happy Easter. 

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