A day to the south!

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!

It only happens once in a year, season for reunion, season of RED, season of giving, season of love and eat eat eat!

As usual, this year my family had a typical reunion day. I love reunion dinner! The foods are awesome! Thank you mama for waking up so early, prepared everything for us! My favourite dish is PRAWN! Yes, I'm the queen of prawn! Basically, I love seafood! =D

The next day we had our one day trip at Melacca. Since all my aunties uncles came down to gather at my aunt's house. Guess what?! When I first arrived my aunt's house, a big welcome freaked me out! A dog suddenly just jumped onto me! It was SCARY! T_T Anyway, that was my cousin's doggy. His name is Lucky, is a HE! Look at him!! COMEL LA! His hair rocks! xD

His sexy back.

After the mission of AngPau hunting done, we hit to a very classic restaurant! I ate their food since I was born! You know what's their specialty? CRAB! Yes! KETAM! Their crab is AWESOME! is HUGE! It taste so GOOD! Gosh! I feel hungry when I start thinking about it again. 

Watch out the giant crab's hand!

I really had a great time here. It took one day, indeed, it was a fruitful day. I can see my dad so happy to see his family again. Missing my grandma, guess she is happily singing cny song with angels around her :)

See..The sky is so beautiful. 
These pictures are real, taken by my sister at Melacca.
Can you feel something? 


p/s: AngPau is my temptation. 

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