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Guess what? I've made an important decision! I've dyed my hair again! What color??? Red? Blonde? Purple? No, is B-L-A-C-K!



Which is better? I think is different look. I'm still me :)

Friends, please don't pengsan.. I can't believed I did this too! Ever since I graduated from high school, right after my SPM. I dyed my hair for N times, from blonde to brown, and red brown faded into brown-blonde.. Crazy? Nah.. I just like to play with my hair colors, if you know me long enough. You should have seen my hair never been black all these while. (p/s: Dont try to count how old am I! I'm not that old la) Just like Haley.. She is my favorite singer! Love her voice and her hair to the max ♥♥

Okay! After three years, my hair finally surrender. Is time to save 'her', she is so broken, in a condition of almost dead. Poor thing right? Been tortured by her 'master' which is me for so many years though I do spent some money to do treatment once a while. My hair stylist told me to cut off the length which is ALOT or dye black so that my hair wouldn't look like she is dying.

Due to the reason of I'm broke now. I bought LOREAL with the color of dark red brown and asked my mum to dye my hair for me. Saloon has to cost me about RM150++, this only cost me RM30++! For the sake of saving money, I've to do this. The result was not as the colors sample shown but I was truly satisfied, my hair is now look healthy and DARK. I know right, emo chic! xD And if I stand under bright sunlight, my hair color is dark red. AWESOME!!!

p/s: I'll just stick with this color until I'm bored again =P

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