Oh! is May!

Wulala~We've step into a new month again!
What I've done in this almost half of year 2010?
The fact is I'm getting officially 20 in September 11. Physically grow only la..I'm still young hor? :)

Obviously I'm just too bored. Talking nonsense now.. I'm on my semester break currently. After 1 more weeks, back to crazy college life again. I just checked my Semester 5 finals result, good news, I passed all my papers! Bad news, I was kinda disappointed though!

Media Planning - B
Advance Advertising - B-
Web Development - B-
Creative Communication Production - B+

Look at my result! No As at all! *cry* I did well in finals exam and project, but I screwed my tests..That's what you get! To all the students out there and me myself, please study hard while you still can! :) 

Back from Penang on last Sunday night. FireFly airline is good when comes to service, love their muffin & peanuts! However, the trip was kinda sucks.. The happiest moment like when you felt you're in heaven was only MAKAN! The rest was...wasting my time because my hot aunt have just got her new bf. So awesome was we're light bulbs, looked at so called 'love bird' was just so annoying! No offence! I'm still on her ex-husband's side! No others man can compare to him! I'm SERIOUS! One thing I really don't understand why some people CANNOT live without bf/gf? What makes you put your bf/gf as your first priority? Shallow...shallow.. For me, my family is only my first priority. You wont be here without your family. 

I found a playground opposite the hotel I stayed. It was fun!!! Reminds me of how I used to play when I was little :) My sister called me sampat cuz I play like a small kid! xD

p/s: I will build my own playground. xD

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