like clay, like me.

Lately, I'm inspired by clay art, then I browsed through those miniature arts that made by clay. I find it amazing and impressive. It's not like I never seen clay arts, but this time, i just feel so difference. I know the answer is coming. 

Then, I understand God is telling me to be like clay. See, clay is something that mold-able which is very soft, flexible and workable in any ways. As a person like me, I do need to be stretched more than before. I'm trying hard, deep down I know I still can do more. 

I wanna do something new, something different. And I know something is change. Still there? Or not there anymore? An emo statement anyway. 

Guess what?! I'm a teacher now! Now, I'm working as part timer at a home tuition center somewhere near my place, and I'm teaching BM! So yeahhh.. call me 'Cikgu LiHui' ! xD You must be wonder how can I become a tuition teacher? I'm not a kids person. I don't have have that kind of greatest patience to teach children. And I'm quite violent either. *evil laugh* Oh well, I try anyway. No harm for me learning how to interact with children. Most of my students are from age 5-12, so still okay la :) The working time is flexible, job scope is not too hectic as well. Wait til at the end of the month, my pay check will worth all things xD

'Tatabahasa' is not FUN!

Right now, I just need to be FOCUS! Set my priority right. I shouldn't let myself get into distraction again and again. Right now, I know what I want. I have made my commitment to You, surrender everything to You. Because I know by my own will, everything is still a disaster for me. 

p/s: despite now my fingers are freaking ugly! 
i still love playing guitar.  

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