I'm pissed! But I don't know how to use WTF.

You might be doubting this post title right now. Right. Who never spoken any F word?! I think everyone is abusing the F word. When you angry, WTF! When you happy, WTF! When you look at your test paper, WTF! When you see a hot chick/dude, WTF! and bla bla bla... I wonder what is so FUN speaking F language?! I'm not saying I'm perfect, in fact, I do SHOOT words. And I do get angry. People just keep pissing me off. Emm..hemm.. God is testing me again. 

I hate ICSJ. Now I realized this is the most stupidest, idiot, crappy and @#$%^^&^$! campus... so far! And this is my final semester IF ONLY I survive til I get my finals result. To all the juniors out there, DO NOT ever consider to study HERE. 

- NO SLIPPERS (acceptable)
- NO SHORTS (= =")
- NO SKIRTS (= =""""""")
- NO SLEEVELESS which including tank top (WTH!!)

FINE! It seems we're back to a slightly higher standard and money sucker high school. COOL huh?! So now we actually paid the damn expensive fees to WEAR PROPERLY. Shall we wear like the mummy monster? 

We just found something super funny few days ago, a note was pasted at the front door of all the KINGS & QUEENS' gossip room, stated DMC OFFICE RULES & REGULATIONS, the content is looooooooooong man! And INTERESTING! For example, Students shouldnt find THEM for consultation whenever we want because they aint just teaching, they are very BUSY such as figuring out our course structure, our new course programme, coming out with interesting ideas to attract students to attend classes and bla bla bla. WOW! this is so NOBLE, I didnt know THEY've been sacrificed so much and we PAID them! 

I used to respect all of them since my first semester, well, people changed, not me but them. Now they're just bunch of snakes, bitches, big boobs with dump ass and bla bla bla. 

Sorry if you can't take it reading this post. I'm the one have to see their bloody face. They just too much! Feel like tumbuk their face! I swear I am a good student when comes to my hard work, my efforts, and my results. So? They're not human, they dont know what is creativity, they dont know what is excellent. They got the power to do whatever they want. So yeah.. they suck!

p/s :  again. I'm pissed. i ain't perfect but i still can't use wtf. i'm proud to be ME!

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