Review: E.L.F. Products.

After waited about a month, my parcel finally has arrived! Weeeeee...

All these products are under the same brand - E.L.F. which ordered all the way from U.S. If you are following those make up guru on youtube, I'm very sure you heard about E.L.F. Apparently, this brand is very famous in U.S, but they only do online shipping. The one thing that BOOM their sales is because they offered SUPER AFFORDABLE PRICE - minimum cost is $1 only! They are not lousy brand, instead, they are the professional brand which recommended by make up artist. 

Alrightttttt... cut the crap!

Item #1
E.L.F. HD Powder

Well... is HD - High Definition! So what are you expecting? When you watch a movie, wondering what on earth the actress looks poreLESS & flawLESS? The powder is fine and smooth, for me it can lasted my make up whole day. I think is good enough since it only cost $6

Item #2
E.L.F Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

This is LEGEND! It is the most hot-selling product. According to those make-up guru from youtube, they actually reviewed E.L.F mineral eyeshadow primer with Urban Decay Eye Primer. Urban Decay? Hmmm.. Obviously is the high-end cosmetic brand, and their quality & pricing is excellent. But, you can get yourself a same as good as Urban Decay with just $1. The purpose of using primer is to avoid your eyes' make up smudge like OMG! Girls, you know what I mean! It helps your eye make up to stay for long hour. THIS IS GOOD! Trust me *winks*

Item #3
E.L.F brushes

E.L.F brushes received many good reviews as well. Their brush textures are super soft. Each only cost $1!!! For better range for professionals make up artist can try Studio brush. Will get those later :)

Hmmm.. That's all for now. You can drop me any question under my comments box. If you want to try these products, I can order for you through online. For more of their products, please click here.

p/s: Cheers & GBU^^


  1. wow! i love this!

    btw, surina. jaq's friend. =)

    how much the products cost u? becoz i love all the items above! omg! :p

  2. Hi surina! Thanks for dropped by my blog^^ I hope you enjoy. Speaking of elf, US dollar $1 = RM4.96 ya =)