sinful study week!

Do you know, shopping can... cure your sickness?
What kind of sickness?
1. Better blood circulation because you walk the whole mall.
2. Depression. I don't know but shopping does cure your depression!
3. Emo aka PMS. Well, PMS not only comes from girls, i think guys have it too. 
   They're too shy to tell. So, we understand la! *winks*
4. And BLA BLA BLA which mean lain-lain.

While I was having all above symptoms, I stepped into my second home, and that caused my wallet bleed like hell. I seriously repent every night.

Oh well, i feel good to the max after shopping. I loveeeee having this therapy session than the 'talking/counseling'. xD

Anyway, in the midst of my study week, I also catched up with my best friend since high school, life get busier but I don't care! Family & relationship come first!

Papa John!

I think sunway is really creative in creating campaign. 
I love their currents campaign -Stesen Fashion Central
How cool is that!

Juicework - one of my fav. place. Thier juice is the best!

somehow, i look fat here = =

 Okayyyyyy.. It's time for me to get back my study mood! O-M-G! Finals are next week T_T