mushroom makes me feel so random!

I had a sinful lunch at 1U few days ago with Matt. New York Deli, O-M-G! The foods are like beyond awesome! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I've been craving for mushroom soup all the time ever since back from Cameron. Guess I'm still missing Cameron, the weather, the hotel, the everyday 6 meals, the hall, the 'romantic' lighting bathroom... This gonna makes me emo! I still remembered how strong was my craving for mushroom soup one of the day at Cameron, I was asking people around is there any western cafe in Cameron! I also forced Yuan to accompany me to SEEK my mushroom soup. And I did found a hidden quiet cafe, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So yeah, i love mushroom soup! MUSHROOM is AWESOME

Oh well... I ordered mushroom soup again at New York Deli. The name sounds abit weird laaaa... even comes with cappuccino flavor! Yerrrrrr right? But trust me! When I tasted it, OMG! I felt like heaven! 

And this is another heaven! Cheese Fondue!!! I was transformed into a mouse at that moment XD It was DAMN GOOD! 

Sorry laaaaa if I make you hungryyyyyyy =P We could hang out and go this place again^^ I'm SUPER free now, so please ask me out! =D

Btw, I found a very random thing at my work place. FYI, I have a part time job at one home tuition center. WAIT, i'm not teaching and you know I can't teach especially to KIDS. I feel dizzy whenever K-I-D-S appear right in front of me. I think they are the most scariest creatures on earth, a big salute to those who are kids lover! You are ANGEL! I admit I'm the evil when comes to this! I'm sorry! =(

LMAO! This is the reading material for students. My sister found this while arranging all the reading materials. I think that teacher who prepared this note knows me quite well, maybe she even heard me singing 38-ing when I was so into my works. 

Anyway, I'm gonna share with you guys what I've received during TOW Camp at the mountain of Cameron soon! My mind was blown away and so do you! Ciaozzzzz!

p/s: i've no idea my sister taken this picture while i was sampat-ing! = = But I like it! 

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! I like the last pic best! Fly ... Li Hui ... Fly!