bye october!

I believe I can fly~ [music playing] Tadaaaaa! My grad day has come!

2.5 years ain't long yet short. I really enjoyed all my time in college with my best friend, 'some' lecturers, challenging + fun projects.. I really miss that, being a student is always the best right. Anyway, I did not disappoint my parents, at least I did well, i think? I will do better when I further my studies, provide the best for them. 

I hate working! Working life rob my life away from so many things... meetings everyday, deadlines are worse than college, boss are damn demanding, new fresh grad like me seriously got so many things to learn. "lihui... lihui... endure... endure..." T_T

Anyway, i had lots of great time in this October. The most epic moment was PARAMORE! Gosh! They were beyong awesome, rockin KL stage on Oct19! One of the best show ever!

I looked like I'm pregnant! O-M-G! Seriously need to work hard at gym, target 40kg, boleh tak? Sigh, gotta off to bed.. so much to share things I wanna share, no timeeeeeeee! :'(

p/s: i miss everyone. yes, is you! 

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