live. enjoy. love.

Though I'm on holiday, but my mind aint on holiday. A lots of things are in my head, i swear devil is attacking me, trying to distract me away... Remember, don't worry & SMILE =) I'm not just shaking legs everyday, I also trying to make time for people, for my family, my spiritual brothers & sisters and my pet! XD

Yvonne & Wei Wei, SPM high-scholars this year! I love spending time with them, movie with them, gossip gossip, hang hang together... SPM doesn't need to quit entertainment. Life should enjoy :)

Oh yes, finally I was able to preach in my cg for the first time on last friday. Presence of God was strong, and I know I did well :) the most amazing thing was I did not feel nervous, I felt connected to Him. One thing I need to improve more on I always forget to give a BIG SMILE! =D Serious preacher! XD

You want to laugh?? Please laugh!! that's the purpose my sister snap my sampat pictures, to entertain my readers. See, I'm so talented, can act as different characters from Gossip Girl. Sexy? Rock star? Idiot?

p/s: i found a job. finally, it's time for me to earn more money & exposure. kicking ass at my workplace! wish me luck.

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