get a good life!

We want to live a good life! No doubt! But what is good life? unlimited cash? live your dream? good job? what about to stay healthy? One of my new year resolution on lifestyle is 3S - Stay fit! Stay healthy! Stay beautiful! How? 

1. Regular exercising. Fyi, I'm not a sport person! But I'm a gym-goer! ;)

2. Don't ever step your foot into M.c.D. more than 3 times a year! I understand how they can be your greatest temptation XD

3. Water! Water! Water! Plus a cup of green tea everyday.
4. Don't become a slave of Facebook!

5. I love meat, but I try to be a part-time vegetarian at least once a month. 

6. Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! I find this is the best therapy for ladies. *winks*

7. Wear sun-block! Ladies, please don't be lazy unless you want some extra deco on your face!
8. Walk stairs, not lift!
9. eat, pray, love!

10. SMILE!

How do you know you are living a healthy lifestyle or not? click here to take this test now! Here is my result :)

p/s: start a new year with a healthier lifestyle ;)

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