bonjour 2011!

2011. a decade is gone! new start! new race! new battle! new new new! 

rewind back to 2010...

2010, i dyed my hair more than 5 times!
2010, new pet - my little hamster!
2010, first show of the year - saosin concert! (one of the best show ever!)
2010, joined 15th batch of cell leader training!
2010, i did my first preaching test!
2010, i found my sifu to teach me rock my guitar! (mr. kevin rimas! i miss you T_T)
2010, serving as cg worship leader. 
2010, serving as guitarist! 
2010, started to preach in cell group! (really love teaching the word of God)
2010, went to Cameron Highlands for church camp!
2010, met the most loving couple - Ps. Cornelio & Deborah!
2010, second show of the year - paramore concert! (damn epic!)
2010, first time joined leaders retreat at new building! (super tiring but FUN!)
2010, joined hair & make up ministry as a make up artist ;)
2010, proudly graduated as diploma holder of Mass Communication.
2010, got my first apple - iphone4!
2010, graduated as 15th batch of CLT!
2010... is over.

that's all i could remember... anyway, thank God for everything... really everything...

what matter most is i had a great year in 2010... BUT i assure you 2011 is a big year. fyi, turning to 2+1 sooooooon. 

p/s: remember pastor said pursue significance :)

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