Since now we are taking care of our mother earth, GO GREEN! RECYCLE! what about we ourselves? prolly we die faster because we don't take care of own self? When you dont take care of yourselves, your immune system aint that strong; when the unexpected virus break into your "wall", one word - DIE. Anyway, please dont take it personally ya. As for me, I'm always trying to take care of myself, sort of "kia si" in a sense but I don't think is a problem, those for don't take care of themselves are just selfish. 

Anyway, my point is to review on new cosmetic/skin care product, which is NOPS! I wear makeup & skin care. Even I don't wear make up, I MUST use sun-block unless you want your pretty face to add extra freckles by age of 30! Trust me, those who didn't believe what I said today, they gonna cry at the age of 30 :'( By that time, you have NO cure, the only way is to do plastic surgery. (p/s: please do it at Korea or Thailand =P)

They are organic products, i love them! Organic products usually are freaking expensive, like really OMG! Big spender like me definitely don't get a chance to use them, like Origins? No way! But hey, savior is here! They are affordable & organic from head to toe!

BB cream! SPF 50! Super good! I loveeeeeee it! I've been using Skin79 Hot Pink for the past few years and I do like this one. Now, I found a new brand! Even better! SPF 50 is good enough to protect us in outdoor, is so hassle-free to ease your time :)

Next is Aqua Collagen, our collagen tends to lose up through aging. To look young is to retain your collagen, this product is surprisingly good. It is water based, not oily at all and just need to tap on your face by using a clean cotton. It is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

Then, they have this star product which is a snail healing cream. Ermmm, snail is kinda gross huh?! Oh well, it is real good! I cant really describe the result, but you can feel something different the next day you wake up, firmer, smoother, brighter =D

There are more products I'm still trying :) These are my honest review, I'm not paid to write for them ya. Anyway, you should try them! Fyi, they are having 30% sales til end of February! Check them out at Sunway Pyramid aite ;)

Look at my faceeeeeeee! So cuteeeeeee! =P 

Gotta off to bed! tomorrow is my first day in my new uni! here i come =) Nitezz love!

p/s: the lake is not clean xD

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