living like a movie.

movies marathon weeks... 1, 2, 3...Go!

Drive Angry, of course we see Nicholas Cage as a title. I watched with my sista Yvonne. Seriously, this movie is damn bloody violent. We were closing our eyes most of the time, so gross.. OMG! If you like blood scenes, go ahead! 

The Social Network, finally bought the DVD. Oscar nominated movie, how can I miss it?! Obviously it is about the story of the founders of Facebook. I am really so impressed how Mark Zuckerberg created such powerful social networking site, Facebook today is changing the world, people, EVERYTHING. He is so genius, that's why he is the youngest billionaire. Good movie, true story. Thumbs up!

127 Hours, another Oscar nominated movie. Okay, I really don't like this movie. The movie is also based on true story, good production in their camera shot, setting etc but I really don't like the whole movie. If I want to enjoy watching someone stuck at somewhere, I rather watch Cast Away by Tom Hanks. That movie was really GOOD! But this one.. I do inspired by this guy, so tough & strong. In real life, he still continue his adventure life though he went through such nightmare in these 5 days. Brave men always survive til the end. 

Sanctum, obviously you saw James Cameron (You should know Titanic & Avatar). Definitely is a huge production, no joke! I can say this movie is in the must watch movie list of year 2011. The plot is awesome, makes us gan jeong, stress & follow the underwater diving team to experience such depressed life-threatening moment. Right, I shouldnt be the spoiler, go watch it then you know :)

Well, good movies always showing during summer. I'm counting how many movies I've been watching.. More to come & stay tune :)

p/s: next is Beastly. my dream man's new movie! 

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