love is never ugly

can you imagine beauty & the beast is actually real? yes, it is a fairy tale, but think about it. The so called cliche fairy tale is actually happening around us. ofcourse, you may not met a real beast which was used to be a prince; but you might meet someone who is rather "unique". 

I just watched Beastly, no doubt, it is another good movie. One of the reason is because Alex Pettyfer who is the main actor & also from I Am Number Four, if you know me well enough, you know I've been obsessed with him xD oh well, he is real hot, real man, so sexy with his Brit accent, my dream man! anyway, this movie is not just about him. The storyline is about this teenager with a perfect look, rich & famous but an ugly personality. One day, a witch decided to punish him and so she put a spell & curse him, make him look so ugly like a beast (good makeup though), the cure is to find someone who truly love him. Yes, i know this part is a little bit cliche. Who cares right? Audience still love to watch cliche love story like me! The rest of the story, i shall let you guys to find out ;) i feel like watch it again!

Main Cast: 
Vannessa Hudgens, little sweet girl next door :)

Mary-Kate Olsen, twin of fashion.

Neil Patrick Harris, from Sitcom How I Met Your Mother(dang funny show!)

Pater Krause, from TV Series Parenthood (one of my fav. series)

Anyway, i found that lots of people(especially guys) doesnt like I AM NUMBER FOUR or Alex Pettyfer. I know, he is too hot, and is killing all the boys out there. What to do... asian has slower growth. No offence! I still love you :)

Btw, don't missed out Beastly soundtrack. It is awesome! Most of the songs are indie/slow rock, nice choice to fit in this movie to deco the whole story becomes even more beautiful :)

p/s: obsessed with British model/actor-Alex Pettyfer!  SCREAM!!!

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