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Sci-Fi + Thirller + Action + HOT guy = MUST WATCH! I've been watching lotsa movies lately. My favourite one is I Am Number Four. I wasnt expect much from this movie initially, thought it will be just another teen's flim. I'm so wrong! This is different, is not kiddo at all... No doubt, this movie has its own quality, and the shock factor was making me jump off from my seat more than 10 times! Fyi, it's Michael Bay production :)

Storyline is interesting. Most important part is the cast. O-M-G! now i'm crazy for him, Alex Pettyfer. He looks familiar for me but I couldnt recall, so I googled him. He acted in Alex Rider few years back, no wonderrrrrr.. He was only a boy last time, now he is a MAN! Look at his 6 or 8 packs?! Nose bleeding factor hit to the max now...

when he was 16... emm...

now he is 21... HOT!!!

Other than that, main actress is Dianna Agron from GLEE... Kinda boring character though. I'm more into hot chick with her Ducati!

Btw, Alex Pettyfer's another new movie is coming real soon! more sexy muscles again =P

enjoy :)

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