somebody will always love you

I remember that day. It was a big day, at least for me, but i don't feel right. I don't feel happy. When nobody around me, I choose to go somewhere. Searching for peace, an answer... I sit down at the corner of a coffee shop, the weather was cold, a cup of hot chocolate warm my heart. I couldn't recall what I've been doing alone over there, I stand out and decide to go back. 

When I almost gone, someone called me. A men and women. They were the sweetest couple I ever seen, can I married couple last til your face is filled with wrinkles? Can he or she still hold your hand when you can't walk properly anymore? Their love blessed my heart. They sense something is not right in me, what happened actually? I just remember they prayed for me, I feel God is sitting beside me at that moment. Then, I heard:"LiHui, you are my an angel. And I promise somebody will always love you". Tears fall over my cheek. So strong. So real. Then, he added:"Your great destiny is coming..." I never understand this, even until today. But I'm seeing the picture clearer and bigger day after day. I never forget that old couple until today. I only wish I could meet them once again.

(source: tumblr)

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