how He loves.

What is home? It is a place where you can be yourself; a place to find comfort, love, and family. City Harvest, a home that I found everything. Time passes so fast, that I still cannot imagine I've been here for 3 years plus. Remember how a close friend of mine, Kevin, invited me to his church. I mean, 'church' sounds so odd to me before I accepted Christ. But everything that I experience in here are so crystal clear... til today... City Harvest KL is celebrating the 10th anniversary and new building dedication. Well, I try not to be drama, but I felt like crying to be part of this family. 

They are the reason I'm still here. My cell group, E26, they are the most loving, awesome people I ever met. Ups and downs, they are always with me. Back then, I was a new friend; Today, I am part of this family, my closest one besides my parent and sis. 

Of course, we have more celebration at TGIF :)

Birthday girl & boy of this month-August baby!

Dear Jonathan & Wei, Happy Birthday! We love you!!!

Afterall, I really thank God for everything. He gave me everything; dreams, talents, hope, family, challenges, and love. The reality is no life is perfect, so am I... emotional moment, painful experience, and obstacles are not stopping me to move forward. I met people who still love me no matter what, and I met people who don't give a shit on me no matter how hard I try... One thing I know is people will hurt you no matter what except Him.

walk with Him, walk with love.

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