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Nasi Lemak 2.0. One of the best local production I ever watched this year. I always appreciate good production, film making is one of my passion. This is not just a local production, but a hot cake in Malaysia. Now everyone is talking about it. Seriously, no one can missed this movie, especially you are a pure blood of Malaysia ;) 

Thinking about being a malaysian, I really respect Namewee, his talents, his passion, his boldness! I just SALUTE him! He is so fearless, reminds me again. I used to run an event for 1Malaysia, one of my final project during my diploma. I created a campaign with my team mates, it is called as "Colour-Blind Community". The whole process was challenging and exciting. 

I design this poster. I changed the tagline few days ago, trying not to be too controversy. Can you decode the message? :)

I mean, I love running campaign for a good cause. I never do it just for grades, I wanted to deliver the message to the public. That's what communication students do, we are the medium of the world. Back then, this campaign was not getting much supports from these people (the narrow-minded people, 'kia-si' people, and some idiots). My whole campaign is almost banned by our head of programme because they couldn't accept how I carry the message of being a true Malaysian. They were so afraid. Well, I don't give a shit. I stood still my right, I was acted such a bitch, screwed them totally! I have no idea how on earth I had all the courage to run everything, even I had to go against the one who grade my project. I just don't care. 

the 'hot cake'. handmade notepad to promote this campaign :) I am still keeping one for memories, hands up if you have one too!

my hair was shortttttttt!

Go 1Malaysia!

Memories are rewinding in my head. I'm proud of everything I did. Although the project is over, but the spirit of being part of Colour-Blind Community is still existing. Thanks to Namewee, for making such a good film and remind us what is called to be a true Malaysia. You are such an inspiration.

p/s: we are the future. simple as that :)

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