take my blood!

finally.. finally.. i had the courage to give blood! honestly, i was super scared during the waiting process, can't breathe when i saw all the blood donors were lying on the bed, pack of blood is everywhere @_@ i was almost to the stage of fainting before i donate xD

once the needle is poked and sucked my blood, actually i didnt feel anything at all! TAK SAKIT PUN!  =D and my blood flow was rapidly fast, i finish my mission within 5 minutes :) 

my first pack of fresh blood. i think it looks kinda delicious, for vampire... Damon, do you want some blood? Throughout the whole day, i was really hyper without any sign of low blood xD

afterall, i am proud of myself! i've conquered my fear and i will keep doing this every 3 months. Not only for charity, but for our health too :)

p/s: give blood, give life, isn't it? :)

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