Before It's Too Late

About 1-2 weeks ago, I posted a cover on Love Came Down on Youtube (click here to listen). The surprising part was I received feedbacks from others, those Facebook comments were truly overwhelming :') Some of my friends even shared it again, i mean, I never really plan it, what I did was just trying to sing a beautiful song by Brian Johnson that indeed touches me in the first place, I never thought that my cover could touched others too. God is good :)

Then, I try another cover on Before It's Too Late acoustic version by Goo Goo Dolls. Again, people do listen to it! Seriously, you guys make me wanna cryyyyyyyyy :') 

It's never too late to share your passion to the world. Nothing is impossible! Deep down I know that I ain't a professional singer and guitarist, all I want is to sing and play a song with heart and soul. I'm not the best, but I will try my best alright ;) I'm so honored and grateful for all the supports :) THANK YOU! really! You guys are amazing. I will keep update my channel, because of your encouragement and support, so that I can do more! 

You can subscribe my Youtube Channel here at LasHmusic :) Right now, I'm working on with other talented musician for collaboration! Stay tune ;)

p/s: All glory to Him! <3

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