new skin for bloggie!

Finally i have the time to revamp my blog. found a new minimalistic template from BT Template, is free and awesome :) i tried to design my own blog, but my knowledge on adobe dreamweaver is not enough for me to revamp a blog. i always have an interest on design, anything that do with design like advertisement, production, web based, etc. Guess i should spend my break on experimenting my new toy - adobe dreamweaver, new challenge for me to play with web design after getting myself hands on to photoshop & illustrator. right now, i shall stick with the ready made template first, i've made some adjustment on html coding to add in my own stuff, and it works! :D anyone could give me some crash course?

sem break has been good so far, not really a shaking leg season for me. i have a long list of TO-DO list to get it done by end of this year, hopefully. Some things we must do it asap, i am absolutely do not want to drag it to a brand new year. 

btw, Xmas production's practice is getting intense. and i know is gonna get extreme real sooooon! thank God for being part of it, everyday i'm feeling excited and nervous at the same time. stay tune!

i really believe the new season is coming soon. thank you!

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