chase time?

time passes faster when you are older. so true. it is because time become 'currency' like movie In Time? we chase time, otherwise we let the time chase us. 

2011. November. seriously, here we go again. stepping into the last two months of year 2011. for me, every year is moving quicker, challenges even tougher. when i fall down, i could be like a cry baby, don't wanna get up anymore; i need to stand up again and again, to keep moving forward. 

Sometimes, we as human. we tend to look back. isn't it so ironic to move forward? i don't wanna waste anymore time. i wanna do as many things as i could. i wanna love the people i need to love. i need to remember not to hate. and yet i still have a question in my mind. it is an unanswered question. i miss our story. 

i'm begging God to show me. answer me. But He remains silent. why? One thing i know, i want to chase the time with right person in my life. thought i found one, but i lost one.

are we good? are we ended? or we just started again?

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