summer breakkkk!

summer break is hereeeeeeee! starting onwards til February, such a long break!


God has been good to me. Lately i had the most down season, guess is what Ps. Troy Marshall said the breaking season for me. It ain't easy at all, really, to go through all these, i have no idea the reason behind these. I need to trust Him and keep strong and happy :) Though i'm breaking down, i'm closer to Him even more. I heard a song in church few weeks ago, called Love Came Down by Brian Johnson. Such meaningful love song from God, I was wept like a baby, embarrasinng i know, totally out of control. so yeah!

Then, it inspired me to make a cover first the first time. I sang this song during my devotion, God speak to me indeed. This song not only mean to me, but is a new revelation for me. I'm singing to God, and hope to bless others too :) <3

btw, i have my own plans during holiday. gonna kick start something i've been wanting to do since so long. and.. and.. i am so looking forward this year Christmas, my favourite season of all time :) this year is gonna be different, i know is gonna be awesome!

p/s: wait for the Lord - Psalm 27;14

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