2012 resolution.

Often we get so hyper over new year because we feel renew when calendar is renew, we try to forget the past and create new future. every new year, we came out of new year resolutions to stay more like human, don't we? and i'm one of the human! 

2012... sounds like a big year, thanks to the movie...

1. Cinderella Mode. I know this is the most challenging one because I am such a night owl/vampire. I think I should sleep early, at least by 12am? 

2. Curve on my lips. I have poker face most of the time, I need to smile more to every person I meet, exceptional if I am damn pissed =(

3. Start drinking. Gotta start drinking... water... BE WATERFUL! damn right!

4. Move my ass. I slack alot these days after production, gotta start moving my butt to kick some ass. stay strong, healthy and fit :D

5. Patience, humble and confidence. I am an absolute impatience person, high profile xD

6. Celebration. I love celebrate event especially birthday & Christmas. 2012, I hope I could host my own birthday party with close friends and family, and able to celebrate others' bday too :)

7. Music & Lyrics. I need to start writing more songs for as a whole collection of LasHmusic :) Also, making more music cover at least once a month on Youtube.

8. Roadtrip / Travel. Gotta start stepping out my foot out of Malaysia besides Singapore.

9. Saving. Basically, I spent too much. sigh.

10. Serving. To my dear Father in heaven, I want to be His daughter, best friend and servant :)

Pretty simple. There are some private & confidential resolution i cannot mention here... erhemm.. *shhhhhhh*

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