what is happily ever after?

Happily ever after... we hear this phrase since childhood. Thanks to Disney, they created fairy tale and gave us a hope to grow up. We grow up, then we start to find our another half, then we can live happily ever after with our 'prince charming'... It is so sweet and simple. There is another way of saying happily ever after, and everyone carry their own definition. A story of our own.

Relationship. To be more specific, only romance relationship can link to happily ever after... That's the sweetest moment, and scariest moment too. When we found love, the one we thought he/she is our another half, we were blinded by love. We follow our heartbeat, we race according to the pace of our heartbeat when we meet him or her. Everything about him or her is beautiful, almost perfect... 

What about commitment? What about promises? When you meet someone, you assume one day both of you could get married, again, then live happily ever after, isn't it? If only life is that simple... When you are loved, you are blessed; On the other hand, if you are not loved anymore, you feel worse than hell. 

Love, is a risk. When you decided to love someone, you give away your soul to your love one. They took it and never return then they walk away with your soul. We thought we could renew our soul when we found replacement, a new love, pieces and pieces of our soul has been taken away by your past relationship. How dangerous is that when you finally realize you have nothing left with you. 

Don't date because you need someone, but because you truly love them, the best is when you are ready to spend the rest of your life with them. 

"I love you" is a commitment, is a vow, is sacred, is God's pure definition of love... So, don't fool around with that 3 words.  

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