i tried fasting food before. hunger makes you weak but I can fight through it; what about fasting Facebook? fasting social network? some can't even stop checkin up their Facebook or Twitter less than 10 minutes. Just for three days, i made a pledge to fast and pray. this time i'm doing something different, Facebook fasting for three days... no log in, no checkin notification, no commenting, no 'liking' wall posts, just nothing to do with Facebook. 

interesting for me. everyday i'm seeing my Facebook notification is blinking on my smartphone, i have the urge to open it and check. but heck! who cares right! i really believe if someone were to contact you urgently but through Facebook instead of calling you directly, i wonder how strong is the urgency? If a friend of yours want to build a true relationship with you, they will text you or call you instead of Facebook you. 

Facebook has becoming a shortcut key for people to build relationship. People abuse it, how close can a person with another person by just liking or commenting each others' wall posts? I do wonder... 

God just hit me a strong wake up call. Somehow these social network medium become an addiction for me. why spend so much time on Facebook or Twitter when you have true friends and family around you to appreciate them. 

Time flies. Really really fast. Here we go stepping into May of year 2012, I've met so many different peoples in the past few months. Some are indeed good blessings from God, some were just a passerby in my life. 

Fasting Facebook does not make me a saint, I still love using Facebook to connect with people. Now that I see things clearer... Nothing beats a personal text or call by someone who truly care about you :)

Thank you, Jesus and wonderful people around me <3

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