God send me.

When you can meet or even get to know someone, i believe everything is under God's plan. Some are meant to be seasonal, some are permanent. Many people came into my life, i'm grateful to say most of them are wonderful people. Well.. of course those who have walked out from my life. I still thank God for those memories and stories. Getting to know someone, be friend, or even becomes good friends are something precious. 

Likewise, I have this amazing friend; he is my good good friend, just like a big brother of mine, he was the one who taught me how to play guitar. someone like me who doesn't have any musical background at all, he was willing to invest his time on me. his kindness and patience made me someone different today, and so i found my passion and dreams. Because of him, I can now continue his work as a guitarist to share my experience and little knowledge with others. I want my blessing to be someone's blessing too. 

Through down times of mine, especially during mid of last year, I went through a worse time ever; He was my listener all the time no matter how annoying i was. I really appreciate this friendship, he is my only sifu that placed in very important part of my life. I wish him the best and his only sweetheart, Ms. E :) 

See you soon, Kevin!

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