my emerged story!

Emerge 2012 is officially ended. Two months feel like rocket speed, such a short period but we've done so far, not for ourselves, but for God :)

Since Day 1, when I got a called from my dear cluster leader, Careen recruit me to be part of MINT's committee. Honestly, I've been in this big family at CHCKL more than four years, but I never really participate in Emerge before. The first Emerge I attended was so long ago and no doubt, I was totally blown away. I used to be the one just enjoyed the whole show, as a spectator, nothing else. The maximum competition I joined last time just one, Testimony Sharing.

This time is different, not only bigger but I'm full IN for the most anticipated youth conference in KL after three years. I've no clue what can I do for my cluster, MINT. From what I saw the last time all the cluster leaders and committee were the hyper bunch and what they do were just keep cheering for the contestants. Wait, Emerge spirit ain't that small!

My first task is to design cluster tee shirt =) Since this year Emerge theme is NEON, so we customized our tee with GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!

Got MINT? FTM = For The MINT! FTW = For The Win!

Then, I got inspired by Adam Sacks from Ed Hardy, he is the top tee shirt cutting designer. He is the doppelganger of Edward scissorshand! I tried to learn his easier 'pattern', NOT BAD huh!

Here comes the props and mascot making! We spent 1-2weeks everyday from morning til night to make countless of props and our MINT's mascots - MINIONS! It was not easy but we enjoyed every moment. Minions making was definitely made all the committees' bonding grew closer, thanks to our uber cute Minions ;)

During our Launch Pad day, we lost our mascot competition. But we never give up, in fact we were more pumped up and prepared for all the competitions! The first competition I joined was Xbox Dance Central 2, it was fun and we won silver =) 

The whole two months of Emerge season was packed and hectic. Every weekend we have competitions to support our contestants. The magic of victory was not about winning Gold or Silver, but just to be there and support our teams. These small act yet is so powerful can make a lot of different. From that, I've learned so much, learning to sacrifice our own time, and be there for them as much as possible. 

Of course, we are not robot. I do feel tired, to juggle with my studies, family matters, work, cluster committee and competition PIC. I done a lot and I really don't mind at all. In fact, I'm willing because everything I do was all the gifts and talents from God. The worse part was not about doing so much, sleepless night and tons of to-do list; what kills me when my close ones were never be there for me. They never understand me, not even support me, they judge me and they hurt me. I broke down once, twice, again and again, crying out to God, Serving Him is not always easy, persecution will come. 

Emerge, the purpose is to win the lost and discover talents from young people. This journey has change me so much from inside out. I found new friendship, new love, new dreams and new life. Being fully committed into Emerge and cluster, I never regret any bits. 

One of the competition I participated with bunch of new friends, That Neon Show, despite the result wasnt what we expected but we were glad to know each other. A short period of time, meeting every single night for props making and practices, we found joy :)

And Future In Neon, we won the first runner-up :) My sister made the most gorgeous dress!

Not to mention my short film Five Senses won the first place at Emerge too :") Vivienne and I are still feeling surreal :)

And HTV!!! We enjoyed very part of the shooting, sampat to the max!

Still can't believe I can do so much for Emerge. I won four competitions out of the six competitions I've joined, all glory to God and thanks to my team for always supporting me front and back, left and right! *FISTBUMP*

So far, this year is my best year, fallen yet rising, I've learned so much and God never stop using me and making me a better person. Trusting Him he has a great awesome plans for me. I'm just so grateful to have good leaders and friends around me inspite of hardship. 

Dear Careen, you are truly the best cluster leader! You never fail to always stay with us throughout this journey. Your support and encouragement completely moved us forward! I never knew I have such  superwomen abilities to do so much until you gave me these chances to shine for God :) I'm stretched by God's strength but with your PUSH yo! Thank you babe! Love you!

Not to forget some of you who always made me SMILE. You guys are my angels <3 Especially my dear Yvonne 38 Low, Abel Fan Boy, Richard Mojojo, Kevin my Sifu, Jonathan my boss, and if I din mention you, I still remember you! :D

Emerge is over T_T I'm Emerged and more to come! Thank you Abba! 

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