the mojo experience.

Ohayo peeps! Guess what I found? MOJO CAFE! Mojo? From The Powerpuff girls? What an interesting cafe name which totally got my attention! So I google where is it and stalked Facebook. Conclusion, Mojo Cafe@Jaya One is the one! 

Here we go! This place is AWESOME :O The ambience is really nice, cozy and homie. I know Mojo sounds really childish, but! This place is different! 

They have set lunch, but I wanted to try something different. Flipping through their super ordinary black and white menu, yet still makes me wanna try EVERYTHING! They have cards & boardgames at the corner too :)

UNO, seriously? FTW! 

This one! HORRRRRR! Guess what is this??? This is a PIE! I mean P--I--E! The Pie is made of super smooth mashed potato, POTATO, oh yeah my fav!!! And inside is heavenly minced beef! Gosh, I had the hang fuk moment and died 30 seconds. 

And this! Pizza, this is not an ordinary Pizza. This is mushroom Pizza! MUSHROOMMMMMM! The cheese is so thick and unbreakable! YUMMY and sinful in capital letter! That day onwards, my diet plan claimed to be invalid! :"(

Release? What a cool name as toilet =P

Did I mention this place is FREE of service charge?! 

Would love to come Mojo Cafe again and try more good food, this is my new found fav. place =)

Signing off!

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