Eat Pray Love Dreams with me...

Hi peeps, just to let you know, I've changed my blog link to


Because, I want to create a blog about the journey of me chasing my dreams. Life is simply about EAT, PRAY, LOVE & DREAMS. And me, has found my new love in food & beverage. I'm going to work hard to achieve this dream. This is a vision that takes a lot of courage and time, and MONEY. 

Throughout this journey, I will always go out to explore others cafe/restaurant to survey; at the same time, I will brush up my skill on culinary. So stay tuned of me blogging about food reviews, making my own recipes and thoughts :) 

Besides, signs from God is sent to me to make sure I won't give up on my dreams, I know God will move when I move first. The most amazing encountered with God after Churchwide Prayer Meeting! Will share more next post...

Do follow me with this new URL link :) Thanks for reading my blog and still reading! I will write more, update more...

God Bless!

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